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  • Discover 3 essential keys to fulfillment in life
  • Grasp the high purpose for jobs of all kinds, both now and in the future 
  • Know God’s pleasure in work, at home or in the community
  • See your work as His calling!

Dr. Christian Overman
After serving fourteen years as the principal of a Christian school, and eight years as a church administrator, Dr. Christian Overman founded Worldview Matters, an organization helping people make connections between the biblical worldview and everyday life.   

Dr. Overman holds a Master of Education degree from Seattle Pacific University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University. He is also a commissioned Centurion, studying under Chuck Colson. He has presented to audiences throughout the United States, as well as in Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He is the author of Assumptions That Affect Our Lives, God’s Pleasure At Work, and The Difference One Life Can Make.  

Dr. Overman also maintains a private practice as a faith-integration coach, providing one-on-one (or small-group) assistance to people who want to be more intentional about making connections between the biblical worldview and their daily work.

Christian and his wife, Kathy, have been married since 1972. They have four adult children and ten grandchildren. They reside near Seattle, Washington, USA.   

In the October 18 webinar, hosted by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and, Dr. Overman will be drawing on the life of Dr. George Washington Carver, and sharing vital truths pertaining to the high purpose of everyday work (both in the home and the community), using material from his curriculum, God's Pleasure At Work.

This FREE WEBINAR is for parents (mothers and/or fathers) along with secondary-level students, age 13-18.  (Grandparents welcome!)


Class participation is limited to the first 1,000 people who enter the virtual session "room" on the day and time of the scheduled class.

For a sneak preview of Dr. Carver's life, watch this:

Kitchen and Courthouse: Bring Meaning to Life!

Discover 3 essential keys to fulfillment in life. Grasp the high purpose for jobs of all kinds, at home or in the community, now and in the future. Know God’s pleasure in work! Your work is His calling!

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